What is Project Loon – Internet by balloons

Project ‘LOON’ – is started by GOOGLE to be used for Internet facility in which you can access the internet by balloons. It provides the facility of Internet by using ‘Balloons‘. This project began in the month of June 2013 as experiment in New Zealand. In California and Brazil Loon technology also tested to improve the Internet facility. Now it has been started by Google in India. It also helps to make India ‘Digital India’ as Indian Prime Minister wants.

Google Project Loon internet by balloons
Google Project Loon internet by balloons

Project Loon : All you need to Know


We all thinks that Internet is accessed  Globally but we don’t know that two-third of the World’s population does not have access to Internet yet. In rural , remote or Mountain areas people do not have access to internet yet. Google Loon project will overcome this problem.

LOON is the project started by Google which is a network of Balloons travelling into the space. It is designed for basic need of connecting rural people to internet, and also to provide internet facility in remote or mountain areas. So more and more people come online and connect with each other by Internet and access the internet.


Under this Loon Project, balloons float approximately 20 km above the earth’s surface in the stratosphere, its height is twice of weather and the airplanes.

How Project Loon Works
How Project Loon Works

In this sphere, many layers of wind of is sphere, and each layer of wind varies in direction and speed. Balloons float where they’re needed by rising or descending into a layer of wind blowing in the desired direction of travel.


As above we discussed, balloons are in stratosphere and it can travel upto 20 km in stratosphere (above the Earth’s surface). In stratosphere many layers of winds are there & all layers are different in speed and direction. Balloons move according to its working algorithm & the balloons are arranged and form a large network. Balloons are made with polyethylene plastic and its size is fifteen meters wide by twelve meters tall.


Balloons provide internet facility in diameter near about 80 km using wireless communication. The technology being used is called LTE (Long term Evolution).

For making use of LTE, Project LOON has tied up with telecommunication companies to share cellular spectrum so that every person has access to internet and connect with internet through their phones and LTE enabled devices.

Where balloons Goes Internet by Balloons
Where balloons Goes Internet by Balloons


This project is started or as an experimented test in June 2013, when thirty balloons were launched from New Zealand’s South Island and beamed Internet to a small group of pilot testers. The pilot test has since expanded to include a greater number of people over a wider area. Looking ahead, Project Loon will continue to expand the pilot, with the goal of establishing a ring uninterrupted connectivity at latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere, so that pilot testers in these latitudes can receive continuous service via balloon-powered Internet.


  • People can access internet in all areas and connect with internet and used its facility.
  • All facility of Internet can be used by people(digital country).
  • Rural, remote or mountain areas will connect.
  • People will be able to use internet at very low price.

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