What is Hanukkah , Hanukiyahs and story of Hanukkah Miracle

What is Hanukkah | Menorahs or Hanukiyahs and Story of Hanukkah Miracle | Hanukkah Sayings

Hanukkah is a very special festival for jewish peoples which is also known as festival of lights. Menorahs are lighten on this festival. Menorah is an arrangement in which nine menorah candles are lighten, one for each night. Highest candle is known as Shamash or Servant which is used to light the other menorah candles.

Nowadays traditions has changed, people have started using up Electric Menorahs in which light bulbs are used instead of candles for Hanukkah menorahs decoration purpose.

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Menorahs are very important symbolic role in Hanukkah celebration. Over 2300 yrs ago, in Israel country , there lived many Hebrew or Jewish People.

What is Hanukkah , Hanukiyah and Story of Hanukkah Miracle :

Story of Hanukkah Miracle :

There was a king Antiochus who ordered all Jewish people to give up their religion, god and customs. He ordered the Jewish People to worship only Greek Gods. They destroyed all Jewish Temples and commanded to severely punish the people who would not worship Greek Gods.

After many years of Battles, Maccabees who were fighting for the right of Judaism succeeded in regaining control over their temple and they used oil to rebuild the altar of temple by lighting oil candles for eight days.

Suddenly they realized there was not enough oil for lamps even for one night. But there was a miracle that small amount of oil lasted for elight nights. That’s why eight candles are used in Menorahs.

Long ago people used to burn the olive oil but over the years it has been replaced by colorful Jewish Hanukkah candles. That Special arrangement for eight burning candles is known as Menorahs.

What is Hanukiyahs :

Menorahs are also known as Hanukiyahs. They are available for purchase online or offline in different shapes and sizes, resembles the one found in holy temple.

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You can also gift the colorful menorah to your Jewish friends on the great occasion of Hanukkah Festival.

Top Hand Made Menorah HD Photos :

Happy Hanukkah 2015 Sayings :

Colorful candles burning bright, each lit on eight very special nights.  – Unknown

Beautiful Handmade Menorah Gifts 2015
Beautiful Handmade Menorah Gifts 2015

Eight days the light continued on its own:
A miracle, they say, but not more so
Than ordinary lives of flesh and bone,
Consuming wicks burned ashen long ago..
-Nicholas Gordon

What is hanukkah - wooden handmade menorah HD wallpapers
Wooden Handmade Menorah

To me every hour of the light and dark is a miracle,
Every cubic inch of space is a miracle.
~Walt Whitman

what is hanukkah handmade menorah HD wallpapers
Handmade Menorahs

On Hanukkah, the first dark night,
Light yourself a candle bright.
I’ll you, if you will me invite
To dance within that gentle light.
-Nicholas Gordon

Handmade Menorah Gift HD Images
Hand Made Menorah Candles

May love and light fill your home and heart at Hanukkah.  -Unknown

What is Hanukkiyah handmade menorah wallpapers
Hand Made Menorah

So after reading this article, you would be understand about what is hanukkah , hanukkiyahs , menorah and also the story behind celebration of Hanukkah. you also read the story of hanukkah miracle in this article. Masalaread.com wishes all very Happy Hanukkah 2015 .

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