What is Carpooling – Benefits and Challenges for carpool apps

Do you want to know, “what is carpooling” or what are the initiatives and challenges for carpool apps in India, UK, US. Why we should carpool in our daily routine and what are the benefits of carpooling for us and environment. Carpooling has lot of benefits behind like reduced cost, saving oil, reducing cost of toll and helping to reduce carbon emission. Carpooling can play a major role for facing Global warming which is major challenge before the world. Many Apps and website are ready to serve the carpooling services if supported by people or Governments. Masalaread.com is going to tell you all about carpooling.

What is Carpooling ?

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Carpooling is also known as Car-Sharing, Ride Sharing, or Lift Sharing. As the alternatives name of carpooling suggest ,Carpooling refers to sharing car journey with more than one person i.e, more than one person travel in same car, one is owner/ driver of car and others are passengers.

What is the meaning of Carpool Carpooling
Meaning of Carpool

Carpoolers can either share driving and expenses or one person may drive most or all of the time and then the passenger shares operating expenses with the driver.

What are the benefits of Carpool ?

  • When more than one person uses the same car for travel , it will reduce the cost of travelling for each carpooler or person travelling through same car.
  • Cost of Fuel, tolls and driving stress is reduced.
    Benefits of Carpooling
    Carpooling Benefits
  • Carpooling is also beneficial for environment as sharing the one car for more than one person will reduce the traffic congestion on road.
  • help in reducing traffic jams.
  • There will be low carbon emission.
  • Less parking space will be required as there will be lesser cars on road. So parking cost will also be reduced.
  • There are other benefits also like in some big cities carpoolers are provided with high occupancy vehicle lane (HOV Lanes) to accelerate the journey and special parking space and discounted parking prices.
    Carpool Lane
    Carpool HOV Lane

What are challenges before Carpooling Apps : 

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There are lots of Carpool apps and website coming forward for this great carpooling initiative. But they are facing some challenges for implementation of carpooling worldwide.

  • Security – Security is the main obstacle / challenge for carpooling as to share the car with strangers. But through many carpooling schemes it can be resolved and there will be very small risk of crime or any threat.
  • Flexibility – Carpooling can struggle to be flexible enough to accommodate en route stops or changes to working times/schedule. According to some surveys , it is the most common reason for not carpooling.
  • Reliability – if there are lack of critical mass of participants in carpooling, it is difficult to find match for certain trips. People do not follow agreed upon ride or journey at last time.

But this challenges are not so big in front of challenge of increasing Global warming caused by increase in CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission. The emission is increasing day by day with increase in car, vehicles on road. So we shall have to think upon this big challenge. Many companies and organizations have taken initiatives and launched campaigns to promote carpooling with launch of carpool apps.

Initiatives for Carpooling :

In 2011, an organization called Greenxc launched a campaign to promote the carpooling for reducing carbon emission.

Carplus, a national UK charity also launched mission for promoting carpooling. British Government also supported Carplus.

Some Government are not helping in spreading carpooling; in Hungary it has been declared tax crime to carry some one for cost sharing unless driver has taxi license , invoice issued and taxes paid.

Carpooling in India :

Carpooling may find some boost in Delhi, national capital of India. Odd-even formula for cars , vehicles is set to start from 1st January 2016 in Delhi. Delhi Government will issue the Guidelines on Carpooling for Commuters and Office goers very soon.

Carpooling apps like Uber is planning to cash the Odd-Even plan by rolling out its ride sharing initiative in Delhi.

Uberpool has been rolled out in Bangalore and other international cities like New York, San Francisco, Boston, Paris and Austin.

Earlier in September 2015, Taxi service provider Meru has also launched the Carpool Services in India.

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