Weight loss tips – how to lose weight fast

Read here some easy weight loss tips if you implement in your daily routine you can easily loss your weight. It is true that there is no such magic formula to for weight loss at once but it can be reduced if a little care is taken. Obesity results in unformed body and also increases the likelihood of multiple diseases.

east weight loss tips
east weight loss tips

Nowadays due to growing prevalence of unbalanced eating, every second person is worried of obesity. For Foodie people , it is very difficult to control on diet. Control on diet doesn’t mean that you start doing dieting. Body can not get energy because of dieting.

Usually Obesity causes risk of heart diseases so it necessary that you should be alert about obesity and do something to reduce it. You should do regular exercise along with proper eating habits. If you take some precautions , it can get rid of you from obesity. 

Easy weight loss tips – easy ways to reduce obesity :

1. Do not drink after eating 

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It is seen that often people drink lot of water after taking meal, which is not good habit. You should not drink water for half an hour after taking meal. It helps to reduce the obesity and also there will be no fat on belly and waist.

2. Use Green Vegetables 

Use green vegetables, greens, salad more than bread , rice. It will not accumulate fat in the body. Keep control over eating , mean eat less than hunger. Also, take only milk and eat milk and fruit at least one day in a week.

3. Fast once a week 

If possible, fast one day in a week  and take only light food like milk and fruit. It is very good for digestion.

4. Eat bread of Barley, gram flour 

Start eating bread made of barley, gram flour instead of wheat flour. It will not just reduce only abdomen, pelvis fat but will also reduce fat of your whole body.

5. Honey 

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Start taking 2 teaspoon of honey with warm water every morning, after some days you will start losing weight. Do not stop taking milk and ghee (type of liquid butter used in cooking in India which is made from the cow or buffalo milk and clarified by boiling ) to be thin. It may result in weakness in body.

6. Use Mint 

Peppermint is helpful in reducing obesity. Taking mint juice mixed with honey reduces obesity.

7. Eat Cabbage 

Cabbage help to reduce fat and also make the metabolism system of body powerful.

8. Use of staple fruit and vegetables  

how to loss weight easily
how to loss weight easily

Use  fruits and vegetables that are highest in fiber. Green vegetables and fruits are high in fiber so intake them more.

9. Drink more water 

Drink more water. Drink 20 glasses of water throughout the day. The  body will burn calories more Pacy action will accelerate and reduce the fat.

10. Do not miss food 

Take Breakfast, lunch or dinner at time. Do not leave any time to eat as you eat more next time which in turn unbalances the intake of food. so eat at the right time.

11. Do not skip breakfast

Never leave breakfast because breakfast meets the nutritional needs of our day including carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

12. Make sure to exercise 

Exercise is also very important along with eating to reduce obesity. So try walking more and more. Also do exercise in morning time to get rid of obesity.

Note : Do not sit right after taking meal, walk for 10-15 minutes.

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