Tricks to send large files online free by email

Nowadays People usually love to share anything which they find interesting with their friends, relative or family members. It has becomes important for the people to share the photos , videos of the moments they spent, what they doing .

But you would not share photos or video only on whatsapp , facebook or social media when file size exceed beyond a limit. So to send large files you usually use email which is very convenient way. But you will face little trouble while sending large files.

Tricks to send large file online free using email

Here in this article we will tell you some tips and tricks to send large files online free using your email.

There are some limitations on sharing photos by email. Like if you choose Gmail , there is limit that you can not attach files larger than 25 MB.

I also tried sending some projects file which were over 25 MB, I used Gmail to send but it displayed the message that “The file you are trying to send exceeds the 25 MB attachment limit” you can use google drive to send your attachment.

Google Drive - Send large files online free
Google Drive – Send large files online free

Use Google Drive to send large attachment files 

You need to click on Google drive icon at the bottom of you email composer window “insert the file using google drive”

It will open a new window that is Google Drive where you can upload your attachments, search for files which are already stored on your Google Drive.

Click on upload tab, then select files from your computer and upload it.

Now there will be two options – either you can insert the file as a “Drive Link” or  can also send as“Attachment”.

Send Large Files online free using Google Drive
Send Large Files online free using Google Drive

If you choose the “Drive Link” option it will send a link to your drive to the receiver from where he / she can download it.

Use “attachmentin” to send large files online free through email or link is third party website which allows you to send your files upto 2 GbB for free.

Here is how you can use :

Open , you will see a window will open  asking email of sender , receiver , attachement and message you have to send .

attachedin send large files online free through email
attachedin – send large files online free through email

There are two options – you can either send your file using email or you can also generate a link.

In first option , you will need to provide your and receiver’s email id, will automatically send the mail to receiver to download that attachement.

In Second option , you just need to upload a file and click on generate link.

Copy that link and send using your email to the receiver for downloading attachment.

So it was how you can avoid the attachment problems with large file using simple tricks and applications.There are many third parties websites and cloud based services available for free to send large attachment file which we will discuss in upcoming articles.

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