Trick to use, install two whatsapp account in one android smartphone

How to use two whatsapp account in one android Smarthone : If you are addicted to whatsapp and want to use two whatsapp account or additional whatsapp account in single android smartphone then this article is for you. You can easily install and use two whatsapp account in one android smartphone. Most interesting thing is that you will need no SIM for it. You need to verify your SIM one time after which you can use two whatsapp accounts without SIM.

use install two whatsapp account in one android phone trick
Two whatsapp account in one android phone

Trick 1 : To setup two whatsapp accounts :

Step 1 : if you want to setup two Whatsapp account in your phone, then you will have to download a special application for it.

Go to Google Play Store and find “Parallel space- Multi accounts” and install it on your phone.

Step 2 : Set up your whatsapp account

You will see new interface as you download the app. You will see two options on home screen – one is INCOGNITO  INSTALLATION and CONTROL CENTRE. You will also see plus sign (+) down the home screen, click on it. There will be also many option on this app, choose whatsapp of them.

Step 3 : Now install interface

Now this app will ask you for installation of whatsapp as your were asked to do at time of official whatsapp installation. Verify your number in app and you will get to use two whatsapp account on your phone.

Trick 2 : To setup third Whatsapp account :

Step 1 : Download DISA app

Now you have already installed two whatsapp account on your phone but if you want to get additional third whatsapp account, then you need to download a new app named “DISA” from Google Play Store.

Step 2 : Setup the application

It is very easy to setup this application. As you open the application, installation process begins. Keep on pressing next button. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking “I agree to terms and conditions”.

Step 3 : Add Services

Now Click on Add Services, you will get different services list on screen. Select Whatsapp Services and install this app.

Step 4 : Restart and work

After installing whatsapp , restart the DISA app. After restart you will get “Whatsapp Settings Needed” option, click it and complete the installation process.

Enjoy Whatsapping 🙂

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