Top weird jobs that pay handsome salaries in Japan

Are you upset with your job ? do you want to change it ? or you think that your job is worst in the world ? if so then you will change your thinking after reading this article. You will be surprised to know that people do such jobs in the world. is going to tell you about such weird and worst jobs of Japan.

Weird Jobs that pay handsome salaries :

Boyfriend on Rent 

boyfriend rent weird jobs that pay handsome salaries
Rented Boyfriend

Have you ever heard about the job of surrogate boyfriend? If not then we tell you that people do such jobs in Japan. If girls in japan don’t have boyfriend then she can hire boyfriend. And it is true. For this job, girls give good amount of money to rented boyfriend.

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Do you mistake, hire apology agencies for saying “Sorry”

In Japan, if you would mistake, then you need not apologize for your mistake. Indeed you can take help of another person to apologize. You will have to pay for it.

Some apology agencies that can be found online include :

  • Shazaiya Aiga Pro : 25,000 Yen (US$240) for face to face apology and 10000 yen ($96) for email and phone apology; Open 24×7 hrs a week.
    apology agencies in japan weird jobs
    apology agencies in japan
  • Yokohama Benriya Natchan : Estimates given by phone consultation and they offer “apologies while crying: which is specially effective agaist angry people.
  • Nihon Shazai Daikokao : Basic Charge of 3500 yen ($33) per hour.

Japanese Girls get paid to advertise on body 

Japanese Girls get paid to advertise on body
Japanese Girls get paid to advertise on body

Yes you heard it right. In Japan, Girls are used as advertising board. They paint there bodies with different brand or companies ads which people watch. In return, Girls get good amount of money.

Push Jobs in Metro 

Push Jobs in Metro
Push Jobs in Metro

In Japan, People want to reach office on time. But it was not possible before because of crowd. However now it is not. Indeed, in Japan Metro Subway Puller works. Their job is to push the people in metro.

Ear Cleaning Parlor 

ear cleaning weird jobs that pay handsome salaries
ear cleaning weird job

There are lots of jobs in major cities of Japan along with Tokyo, capital of Japan. If it is dirt in someone’s ear or get blocked, then he / she may go to ear cleaning parlor for ear cleaning. However , people have to pay the money for it.

Marriage alone

Two people are required for marriage, but it is not so in Japan. If they can not find the right partner, the people can marry alone. It is called solo wedding there. However, you will get all the things in this marriage, which you find in Real marriage. It would cost about Rs 1 lakh 62 thousand.

Job of partner for unhappy peoples

weird jobs in the world
weird jobs in the world

The job of sharing the sorrow of unhappy men and women are also available in Japan. Indeed, such people are spending the night with strange men and women, so that they can forget their sorrows. In return men or women are paid 3 to 4 rupees for one night. It is said that the job is being provided to overcome the growing loneliness.

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