Top Happy Hanukkah Gifts Ideas for Girls – Boys

Find here Top happy hanukkah Gift ideas for girls , men , women , girlfriends from Chandelier Earrings , dreidels , Jewish Braclet to battery operated hanukkah menorah candles. Hanukkah , very important Jewish Festival is equivalent to Christmas. Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days and nights according to Jewish customs. The celebration starts on the 25th day from Kislev according to Hebrew calendar. People like to celebrate the Hanukkah festival by exchanging gifts and greeting cards to their friends and family members like brother , sister , father, mother or parents. You can also congratulate your relatives or anyone to whom you like to send the Happy Hanukkah Wishes , Gifts or Greeting cards on great occasion of Hanukkah Festival.

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There is tradition of sending hanukkah gifts , lighting menorahs , playing dreidel games , eating fried food and communities celebrate the festival according to their unique traditions.

Top Happy Hanukkah 2015 Gift Ideas for Girls and Boys :

Jewellery – Chandelier Earrings :

Happy Hanukkah Gifts ideas for girls Chandelier Earrings
Chandelier Earrings

You can buy your girl precious Jewellery like Chandelier earrings. She will like it too much. These Chandelier earrings are not only previous but gorgeous also, their blue and silvery white colors are the colors of Israel. You can buy them from any e-commerce portal or you can also buy it offline, packing in a lovely box and send to the address of your girlfriend.

Queen’s Treasures Hanukkah Play Set for young girl :

Queen’s Treasures Hanukkah Play Set for young girl - Hanukkah Gift ideas for Boys
Queen’s Treasures Hanukkah Play Set

Let the young girl in your life pass on the Hanukkah traditions to her dolls with this play set by the Queen Treasures. It is built to be fit for 18” doll and it has everything a young girl need to celebrate the Hanukkah festival. This beautiful Hanukkah set contain a menorah with removable candles, two dreidels with letter in Hebrew painted on them, six piece of gelt packed in a canvas bag printed with the star of David and braided challah served on an oval platter.

The JGirls Guide : The Young Jewish Woman’s Handbook for Coming of Age :

Young Jewish Woman’s Handbook Hanukkah Gifts idea for Girls
Young Jewish Woman’s Handbook

This award winning book is first of its kind book of practical, real world advice using Judaism as a compass for the journey through adolescence. For girls entering those awkward and emotionally trying teenage years, this book is a great guide to help them get through it as painlessly as possible. The JGirls Guide: The Young Jewish Woman’s Handbook for Coming of Age offers real-world advice from rabbis, athletes, writers, scholars, musicians, and great Jewish thinkers, and also shares stories from other Jewish girls who know what it is like to grow up as a Jewish woman. It uses Jewish writings and traditions to answer questions your teen might have about dealing with stress, relationships, self-esteem and a bevy of other teenage concerns. In short, it helps make both of your lives a little bit more peaceful.

You can buy online on e-commerce portal at a price range of 15-16$.

Hanukkah Classic Jewish Charm Braclet :

This charming Jewish hoop bracelet is embellished with a Chai charm, Star of David, menorah, and the Ten Commandments. And it is the gift that girl can wear for years. This expandable hoop bracelet is a favorite to celebrate Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, or is a great gift for any occassion . you can gift it to your girl and it will be great way to start her collection if she is still young.

Hanukkah Classic Jewish Charm Braclet gift ideas for girls
Hanukkah Classic Jewish Charm Braclet

Its price may range from 18-20$.

You can buy it here

Hanukkah Festival Gift for girls

Moshe Monzon Dreidal with flowers :

It is very beautiful hand painted colorful dreidel decorated with flowers on each side. Moshe Monzon was born in Jerusalem who was a 6th Generation Israeli on his father’s side and a 9th generation Israeli on his mother’s side. Moshe continued this tradition of creating art from his family.

happy hanukkah Moshe Monzon Dreidal with flowers
Moshe Monzon Dreidal

It could be a great gift for her and you can gift it to your girlfriend on occasion of Hanukkah festival. You can also orde it online to your girlfriend or anyone whom you like to send. It will be delivered within 1-2 weeks if you order it online.

It is priced at $40.00 here

Battery Operated Hanukkah Menorah :

Menorahs are a very special arrangement of nine menorah candles. Elight of the candles are for each night of Chanukah. Highest candle is known as The Shamash or “servant” and is used to light the other menorah candles.

In modern era, people have started using electric menorahs, in which light bulbs are instead of candles for decoration purposes.

Battery Operated Hanukkah Menorah gift ideas for girls
[/media-credit] Battery Operated Hanukkah Menorah

Menorahs play an Important Symbolic Role In The Celebration Of Chanukah so it is also a great idea to gift the Hanukkah menorah to your girlfriend. It will make the Hanukkah celebration memorable.

You can buy the battery operated Hanukkah menorah online.

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So it was our top hanukkah gifts ideas for girls, men , women or girlfriends. if you are confused about choosing best gift for your girlfriend on hanukkah festival then you can take help of our article and can choose any hanukkah gift like chandelier earring, Jewish Charm Braclet, dreidels . it is very easy to order online and send to the receiver.

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