Buying new smartphone ? top 10 tips for new year 2016

Top 10 tips before buying new Smartphone in new year 2016. Are you going to buy any new Smartphone in this new year 2016 ? Are you searching for best Smartphone to buy in 2016 ? Here is going to tell your top 10 tips which will help you in choosing best Smartphone for you.

top 10 tips for buying new smartphone
top 10 tips for buying new smartphone

Top 10 tips for buying new Smartphone :

Here are some tips and things you need to keep in mind before buying new Smartphone.

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Brand :

There are lots of companies coming into Smartphone market. There is lot of competition in Smartphone market due to which companies are launching lots of Smartphone at Cheap price with more features and specification to attract the Smartphone users. So it is most important to do research or home work on internet about which brand’s Smartphone you like before going to Store for buying Smartphone.

Smartphone Model :

After choosing brand for buying new Smartphone, now do some research on internet about available models in market. Shortlist some models of that brand after reading reviews, pros and cons on internet. You will find many models in low budget, mid budget and high budget range. Select the model according to your budget and use. By use we mean that If you want to but it for only messaging or calling or multitasking.

Smartphone screen :

If your budget is near Rs. 10000 INR, then you can buy full HD (1920*1080) display Smartphone in market. You can also have a 5 inch screen size Smartphone in this budget. If your screen is HD or Full HD then you will have nice video experience also, so it becomes necessary to keep screen size and quality in mind before buying Smartphone. As gesture screen Smartphone are also coming in market in which screen works by detecting motion of hand.

Note : For Screen protection, it should have Corning Gorilla Glass.

Camera :

Now discussing about camera, we tell you camera is most important and special feature which need to keep in mind. As today is era of social media and you will need uploading of some good quality photos and videos on Facebook , twiter or other social media. In budget of around 10000-12000 Rupees you can own a very good camera and selfie smartphone. Most of the companies are giving 8 to 10 MP front camera and 5 MP Rear camera for selfie lovers.

Most important things to care about is aperture and lens. More the aperture of camera, better will be quality of the photo. Camera will Sony Company’s Lens perform well.


There are variety of Smartphone coming with 4GB RAM which have price more than Rs 10000 INR. There are many Smartphone is market with 1 or 2 GB in 5000 to 6000 rupees budget. It is important to know that many Smartphone have 1 GB DDR3 RAM with speed more than normal RAM and performance better than 2 GB RAM.

Internal Memory or Extendable memory :

In almost all Smartphone, user can use only half of internal memory. Rest of memory is used by inbuilt system apps. So keep in mind how much memory you need as if you need 4 GB then go for minimum 8 GB internal memory. If you need 8 GB for use, buy 16 GB internal memory Smartphone.


What will be the speed of Smartphone and how much fast the Smartphone will run. It all depends on processor of the Smartphone. Most of the Smartphone comes will 1.2 GHz Speed. But here you should take care about core of the processor mean it is Quadcore, Octa-core , Hexa-core . If it is Hexacore it will be more powerful and will save your Smartphone from hang.

Operating System

Smartphones available in market are based on Windows, Android, Blackberry OS, Firefox and other OS. So you should know about your need. Latest version of Android is 6.0 marshmallow. In low budget smartphones, marshmallow is not available but you can have lollipop, kitkat or Jellybean OS.

Connectivity :

Now it is era of 4G technology. If you use internet frequently and need high speed internet. Then select only Smartphone with 4G technology. Along with 4G, you should take care about Bluetooth, Wifi, wifi Direct, NFC, GPS like features. If in a budget of 10000 rupees, OTG connectivity phone is available then grab it. Using OTG Connectivity feature, you can access pen drive.


Care should be taken about power of the battery. Battery should be more than 2200 mAh power. If screen of Smartphone is large or more apps or internet is being used on, it will consume more battery. It is not necessary than Smartphone with 3000mAh battery will give more backup. Backup depends on that what type of phone you are using.

Service Center

What is duration of warranty and where are the service centers, it should be taken care while buying new Smartphone. Most of the time it happens service centers of brand or company of which Smartphone you purchased is not in your city. If any problem arises in your phone, then your phone will need to to be send to another service center of other city. It may take 1-2 weeks.

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