Tips and tricks on how to make smartphone run faster

Nowadays everyone uses smartphone. The Smartphones gets slow down after some time which is the biggest problem that Smartphone users are facing. If you are having the same problem then masalaread is going to tell you some easy simple tips and tricks to turn your smartphone fast.

How to make smartphone run faster :

Remove animated wallpapers :

Follow these steps to remove animated problems :

  • First you will have to go to your settings of your phone.
  • Then Go to “Developer Options”. Note : if you are using handset of Samsung galaxy series.. Then it may be so that Developer option is not unlock in your phone.
    how to make smartphone run faster
    how to make smartphone run faster
  • After this, you will see “window animation scale” and “Transition animation scale” options.
  • Set this options at 0.5x. Your phone speed will increase after setting it at 0.5x.

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Turn off the widgets :

Follow these steps to turn off the widgets.

  • Widgets give live updates on your phone and also use the internet data to send live updates. It turns down the phone slow and also consume your phone battery.
  • If you are not using these live updates  and it is better to remove from phone screen.  Select the update and drag to delete. Your slow smartphone will get fast.

Background processes :

In Android Smarthones, Apps are updated automatically so background processes continue to run and phone becomes slow and it consume battery too.

Follow these steps to turn off unnecessary background processes.

  1. For this you have to go to your phone’s settings.
  2. Then go to the Developer Options.
  3. Go to the Limit background processes option. Select 1 or 2 process in this.

Switch off the phone :

Restart your phone at least once in a Week.  With restarting of your phone, cache are cleared from the memory. When we use internet on our phone, many junk files / temporary files are saved in phone which slow down the speed. This problem is solved when we restart the phone and also speed is increased.

Custom Launchers :

There are many Launcher app available for Android users which can be downloaded for free from Google play Store. The Apex Launched is very easy to use and effective also. Launched organize the apps in your phone so that phone’s speed is increased to some extent.

Thus you can make your smartphone to run faster using these simple tips and tricks which are discussed above.

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