Swachh Bharat Machine : Throw waste and get mobile recharge, free parking tokens, discount vouchers or movie tickets

Swachh Bharat Machine : Throw waste and get reward as free mobile recharge coupons, parking tokens, movie tickets etc : Throw waste in dustbins and get rewarded, yes you heard it right. Throwing waste in dustbins would soon become advantageous for people in the city with the Lucknow Municipal Corporation planning to install special dustbins which would reward people who throw recyclable waste in them.

Swachh Bharat Machine Reward you for throwing waste in dustbin 

It is a part of the Centre’s Swachh Bharat Mission. LMC has written to the directorate of local bodies in the state to provide funds for purchasing these special dustbins called `Waste Recipient Bins-cumKiosks’ from a Turkish company.

swachh bharat machine get rewarded for throwing waste in bin
Swachh Bharat Mission

Each time, you throws recyclable waste in these bins, you will get a reward coupon ejected from the machine.

Now Question would be arising in your mind that what kind of waste you can throw into bins. Here we have answer, “you can throw paper, cardboard boxes, recyclable polythene or plastic bottles”.

Official in charge of the project said, “Lucknow has placed an order of 15 bins. The company will install them and also take care of their operation and maintenance for about 10 years.” These bins cost about Rs 3.7 lakh each and need a 4×4 feet area for installation. These bins can carry over 1,000 plastic water bottles and about 10 kg of recyclable waste at one time.

LMC will install these machines in all prime locations and markets across the city.

The gift coupons could be anything from mobile recharge, free parking tokens, discount vouchers or movie tickets.

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