Soon link your Aadhar number with bank account via ATM

Banks will soon be requesting customers through ATMs, internet banking portals and mobile banking applications to link their Aadhar number to their bank accounts in line with an aggressive government drive. 

There will soon be a self help option available in ATM menus, internet banking portals as well as mobile banking applications for individuals to link their Aadhar number into their bank accounts.

Link Aadhar number with bank account via ATM
Link Aadhar number with bank account via ATM

How ATMs will help in Aadhar Card linking drive ?

ATMs could be the key considering in Aadhar number linking as there are about 1.5 lakh ATMs in the country and they enjoy high daily footfalls.

People do use internet banking portals as much as ATMs and they also consider waste of time to visit their bank branch to seed their Aadhar number. But a self help option on an ATM may make many people link their Aadhar number in minutes without visit their bank branch.

Even a conservative estimate of 10 seeding requests per ATM per day would lead to 4.5 crore requests in a month, UIDAI has pointed out in meetings with the government and various banks. 

The government is aggressively pushing for linking Aadhaar to bank accounts, especially after the Aadhaar Act has now become a law. 

Why Aadhar linking to bank account has become so much important ?

This will facilitate direct transfer of cash benefits to relating to government schemes such as cooking gas subsidy to deserving individuals.

The main logic behind the aggressive focus on Aadhaar seeding is that presently the government or any institution needs to know the bank account number, the IFSC code and bank branch details to transfer money to a beneficiary – details which are prone to change and require extensive maintenance of records. 

The banks are also being asked to appeal to account holders to seed their Aadhaar when they visit branches by filling up a simple form.

About 30 crore bank accounts are linked to Aadhaar presently but nearly as many remain unlinked, including half of the almost 24 crore PM Jan Dhan Yojana accounts opened so far.

States have also been asked to hold ‘Aadhaar Divas’ along with banks at stadiums and community halls after prior invitation to citizens to seed Aadhaar into their bank and MGNREGA accounts. Special mechanisms through call centres and online portals are also suggested to help citizens link their Aadhaar to bank accounts, and central ministries and states could also initiate a reward-and-recognition scheme for speedy Aadhaar seeding.

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