Neerja Bhanot – heroine of the hijack, all you need to know about her

Neerja Bhanot – brave young heroine of the hijack – Here we are going to tell you the inspirational story of young and brave girl who sacrificed his life for saving hundred of people in hijacked plane. She shown the great courage and high level of intelligence for saving people in the plane. Neerja Bhanot ended up his life to save her passengers. Here we tell you the story of the brave girl.

Neerja Bhanot – Brave Young Heroine of the Hijack – All you need to know about her

Neerja Bhanot all you need to know about heroine of the hijack
Neerja Bhanot – Heroine of the Hijack

Early life of Neerja Bhanot :

Neerja was born on 7th September 1963.  Her mother was a housewife and father was journalist.

She had dream to become a model but she got married as arranged by her parents. So She gave up her dreams.

Post Marriage :

After marriage, She left India and went to gulf to live with her husband after marriage. But she was tortured there for dowry with things getting more worse. She lost 5 kg weight as she was starved off food and money in foreign country.

Fight Back : Joined flight attendant job with Pam Am.

She didn’t gave up and returned to Mumbai where she applied for Flight Attendant jobs in Pam Am. She was among 80 applicants who were selected for job among 10000 applications.

5 September 1986 – Pan Am Flight 73 hijacked

Pan Am Flight 73 was on its way from Mumbai to New York via Karachi and Frankfurt. She was senior flight purser on Pan Am Flight 73.  The Plane has hijacked by 4 armed terrorists when plane reached at Karachi Airport.

Terrorist wanted to crash the plan against the building in Israel.

Neerja Bhanot sacrificed her life to save 380 passengers
Neerja Bhanot Sacrificed life for her Passengers

What Neerja did for Flight Passengers ?

Saved Crew Members : He alerted all crew members inside the cockpit including pilotm co-pilot and flight engineer. They left out the aircraft through an overhead hatch in the cockpit per their training to forcefully flying of aircraft.

Neerja Saved American Citizen’s Life : After it, Terrorists asked Neerja to collect all passports of passengers to find out American Nationalists. She hidden all passports of American citizens under a seat securing the life of all American Citizens in the plane.

Saved Passengers by opening emergency Gate : Terrorists started killing people with arm Gun. As the Gun fire started Neerja opened the emergency gate of the plane to escape all the passengers for saving their life.

She could save her life first by jumping out of emergency gate but she didn’t.

She sacrificed her life becoming shield of three children in gun fire.

380 passengers and crew members were saved because of her decision making ability and intelligence. 20 people died in which there were 2 American citizens.

Awards & Honours

Govt of India conferred her with Ashok Chakra, highest gallantry award given for bravery. She became youngest winner of the Ashok Chakra Award.

For her act of bravery and extreme intelligence, She was recognized as “the heroine of the hijack” internationally.

Mumbai Municipal Corporation named a square called Neerja Bhanot Chowk after her in Ghatkopar (East) suburb of Mumbai.

US Government also awarded her with “Justice of Crime” award in 2005 posthumously.

One of Children aged 7 year who was among the people that Neerja saved by sacrificing her life,  is now a Captain in Major Airline. He said that Neerja Bhanot has been his inspiration and he owes every day of his life to her.

Movie on Neerja Bhanot starring Sonam Kapoor as Neerja

Neerja is 2016 Indian Bollywood biogrpahical thriller movie , written by Saiwyn Quadras. 

Neerja Bhanot hijack story of the Pan Am Flight No 73
Neerja Bhanot

The film is directed by Ram Madhvani, starring Sonam kapoor as Neerja. The film reovlves around the Libya backed Abu Nidal Organization;s hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73 in Karachi, Pakistan on 5 September 1986, specifically focusing on head purser Neerja Bhanot who thwarted the hijack attempt by preventing the plane from taking off, which resulted in the lives of 360 hostages being saved. The film released worldwide on February 19, 2016 to critical acclaim.

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