how to remove shortcut virus from PC forever

This article will help you to remove shortcut autorun virus from your computer, usb pen drive, flash drive permanently using command prompt and also to protect your pc or laptop from trojan virus. Sometimes our computer or laptops are infected with virus through flash drive or pen drive. There are so many viruses on web which can cause damage or corrupt your data or system files. There is similar virus which is SHORTCUT VIRUS. This virus makes the shortcut of all files in your system and also makes more files with similar name in your system. More files get infected also.

Today we are going to tell you some tips and tricks using which you can get rid off that viruses. It is very important to know about such viruses.

How to remove SHORTCUT VIRUS using command prompt :

What is Shortcut Virus :

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Shortcut virus is known as “Trojan Virus” technically. Which is a type of ‘autorun.inf’ and auto-run in system. It is called Trojan.

Because it is spread in system by itself and infect all the files in your system. When we connect any flash or pen drive to that virus infected pc it spread into that drive and in turn it also infect other systems through flash or pen drive.

It gradually makes your system slow.

From where Shortcut Virus comes ?

The virus comes into your pc from any infected pc or other flash drive, external hard disk, SD card or any other storage media.

If you have copied or transferred any file from infected PC, it comes into your device. If you connect any pen drive with your infected PC, it spread into that pen drive also.

It also comes through non secure websites, torrents or any files sharing website.

Now you would have idea about how this virus spread into systems. And this virus can also attack your system.

But if you have this virus in you system, pen drive , SD card or any other flash drive, you can easily remove it for always.

How to remove SHORTCUT VIRUS from Computer or PC / Laptops ?

There are two easy methods to remove the shortcut virus from your PC.

Method 1 :

how to remove shortcut virus from PC laptop permanently
Method 1 : How to remove shortcut virus from PC
  • First of all you need to go address bar of your PC and type “C:/Windows/system32” and go to this location.
  • Now search ‘wscript.exe’ file and delete it from there.
  • After execution of this process, this virus will be deleted from your system forever.

Note : If you use any third party software for this process then you should install this ‘unlock software’, which is more safe and remove ‘wcript.exe’ files from that location. Which is a type of shortcut virus.

Method 2 :

Plug in your infected pen drive, SD Card or flash drive in your computer.

remove shortcut virus from laptop using command prompt
Method 2 : remove shortcut virus from laptop using command prompt

Go to Start Menu and run the ‘cmd.exe’ file in search box from Administrator.

If you are using window 8 then click on Start Button and select the option of ‘command prompt’.

  • Then type the location of pendrive on command prompt.
  • Now copy the code ‘attrib –s –h/s/d *.*’ there.
  • Press Enter after copying that code.
  • Now go back to the pen drive and see all the files. It will also show you all the files with a few empty folder.

How to protect the Computer or Flash Drive from Shortcut Virus :

Close the AUTORUN option from your PC :

you can disable the Autorun option as follows:

  • if you are using window 7, Click on Start Button and in search box type “gpedit.msc” and press enter key.
  • Click on search result to open gpedit.
  • Click Enabled and select all drives so that you can disable Autorun on all drives.
  • Click OK at last. Restart your PC or Laptop.
  • Done.

Keep in mind that antivirus of your PC is up to date.

Always run scan flash drive, pen drive or external storage media before connecting with your system.

Using these small setting or things, you can put hold on entry of virus in your PC or flash drive. And can also remove forever from your system

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