Group of boys burn puppies , record video and post on facebook

Group of boy burn puppies alive, shoot video and post it on facebook : In gruesome act, a group of boys burnt three puppies alive and recorded video. They filmed burning of the puppies and then posted it on Facebook. The incident happened at Vazir graveyard near Ek Minar mosque in Hyderabad’s Musheerabad area on July 16.

Boys burn puppies alive, shot video and posts on Facebook :

This incident came to light today when the video clip was posted on Facebook. The video went viral within hours on social media. The Musheerabad police registered a case, based on a complaint from some animal rights activists.

Dogs shot and puppies burned alive video
Dogs shot and puppies burned alive video

The video shows  five boys throwing the puppies into fire made out of burning wood and garbage. When the puppies started screaming and tried to come out, the boys were seen pushing them back into the fire using sticks. They waited till the puppies were burnt completely.

The case is under investigation and the police are trying to identify the persons involved. The police have not arrested anybody so far and are trying to identify the boys in the videos.

The Video is very disturbing : watch here

In Indian law there is no harsh punishment for killings of animals. They would get away with some fine.

This incident comes weeks after of two medical students threw a stray dog from their roof top at Kundrathur in Chennai. The dog had suffered some fracture on its two legs and was treated at Tamil Nadu Veterinary University Hospital in Chennai.

Later in the day, another video of animal cruelty surfaced on social media in which a man is seen shooting dogs with an airgun. While one of the dogs scurries away, squealing in pain, another dog collapses to the ground after being shot.

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