Get most out of your android smartphones

When you purchased your first phone what you can do was just hearing songs, call, messaging and some basic games. But nowadays every one is lessed with android smartphones in their pockets so as per name these smartphones are specially made for smart uses. So in this article is going to tell you how can make best uses of android smartphones. you can install some android applications from play store and can use your phone in smart way.

How to get most out of your android smartphones

Use Google Now (गूगल नाउ)

Google now is very useful feature for your android smartphone using which you can do many tasks. It works on all operating systems from the above Android Jellybean. It can sink all information It’s all about you and your Gmail account information takes to sink.

Google Now - Get it from play store
Google Now – Download from Playstore

In beginning, Google Now can overload your smartphone with Weather Report, appointment data, articles or such notifications about which you have searched more.

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Google Now has great features , you can read below in details

Traffic Alert (ट्रैफिक अलर्ट)

Type the name of your office, home or any place in address in Google Now. It will tell you how much time it will take to reach you from office to home according to the traffic or next bus or train arrival timing. you can leave from your office according to that time thus it will help you to save your time.

Reminders (रिमाइंडर्स

It is very easy to set reminders in Google Now. You will see voice command option in google now can set reminders with the help of voice command. It will also suggest you the reminders option according to your location like if you are in market it can remind you what you need to purchase. If you are at home, it can remind time to feed the baby.

Voice Command & Search (वॉइस कमांड एंड सर्च

By activating this feature, you can search information or give commands to your phone. It set reminders, camera , launches app, emails, call or other apps in one command. You can make call to nearest hospital, police station or pizza hut using this feature regardless of whether your phone number is saved.

Phone Finder (फोन फाइंडर

Android devices have built in phone locator and remote lock features. If your device is stolen you can easily track it with the help of this feature. All you need to do is to activate this feature by navigating in Google Setting app. Then click on “Android Device Mangaer” and Click the options “Remotely Locate this device” and “Allow Remote Lock”.

Once you activate this feature you can easily access the location of device in case of event of loss or theft.

Auto Update (ऑटो अपडेट

Some people want automatic update of apps or game to avoid frequently update alert from various app. If you are one of these then go to Google Play Store. Tap on shopping bag given on left side. Go into setting and turn on auto update apps.

Disbale Auto updates in android smartphone
Disbale Auto updates in android smartphone

Note : you should turn on auto update apps only when you have unlimited data plan.

If you are using limited usage data plan then you can select “auto update aps over wifi only” will be good option to choose for you.

Hide unnecessary apps (गैरजरूरी ऐप्स को हाइड करना

An android smartphone comes preoladed with many unwanted apps which are not of so much use for you. These apps uses phone memory and also slow down the phone. These are system apps which you can not delete from your phone but you can disable them.

Hide Unnecessary Android Applications
Hide Unnecessary Android Applications
  • For this go to phone settings, select the application option.
  • You will see a list off apps. Click on apps that you want to hide and disable option will appear.
  • If you uninstall the app , it will be lost and and will be off while it disable.

Proper Memory utilization (मेमोरी का सही इस्तेमाल

If you have micro SD card in your phone the take full advantage of it. If you want to save the phone’s internal memory the you can move the installed apps to your micro SD card and free the phone memory. You can move  the large size files such as photos , videos and MP3 in the external memory.

Note :  Some phones don’t have option of moving the apps from internal memory to SD card. So check your phone for this feature.

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