Generate EVC to verify Tax Return using ATMs of SBI, Canara, Axis Bank

Now you can generate the Electronic Verification Code (EVC) through ATMs of three banks viz, State Bank of India, Axis Bank and Canara Bank. It has been informed on Income Tax e-filling website. Customers of these banks will be able to e-verify their their return without having internet banking facility. The facility will be launched very soon by other banks also.

Generate EVC to verify Income Tax Return using ATMs of SBI, Canara Bank and Axis Bank

Income Tax department had earlier widened the ATM-based validation system for filing e-ITRs by taxpayers by including Axis Bank, after SBI, as part of its measure to enhance the paperless regime of filing the annual I-T returns. There is no need to send ITR V.

Generate Electronic verification Code EVC to verify Tax Return
Generate Electronic verification Code (EVC) to verify Tax Return using ATMs

The Income Tax department has launched the bank account based validation facility in this regard for those who have not availed the internet banking facility.

The newly launched facility is available on official e-filing portal of department :

It will work by using OTP verification system as activated by department last year by using the Aadhaar number.

These facilities has been launched by department to curb out paper work and to validate the e-ITR without any trouble of sending paper based ITR-V by Post to Central Processing Centre (CPC) for final resolution and processing.

Earlier this year, department has notified the new ITRs and taxpayers can e-file their ITR by end date 5th August 2016 (earlier date was 31th July 2016).

Who can file ITR-1 :

ITR-1 can be filed by individuals with income from salaries, one house property and from other sources including interest.

Who can file ITR-2 :

Individuals and Hindu Undivided Families (HUF) not having income from business or profession.

ITR-2A is filed by those individuals and HUFs who do not have income from business or profession and capital gains and who do hold foreign assets.

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