Download fastfilmz app to watch unlimited movies @Rs 10 only

Download fastfilmz app and watch unlimited movie at just a cost of 10 rupees only. If you want to watch English movies on the internet,there is a huge list of content providers that you can log in to right now,with some being free and ad-supported,and others being fully paid Apps such as Netflix, Hooq, and Hotstars are well made,easy to use have huge libraries on offer.

Just Pay Rs.10 and watch Unlimited Movies With fasfilmz App

Highlights :

  • Fast Flimz lets you stream Tamil movies for Rs.1 per day
  • You can stream unlimited movies as long as you have a subscription
  • Telegu is being added next,and more regional languages will follow
    free download fastfilmz app to watch unlimited movie at 10 rupee only
    Fastfilmz app to watch unlimited movies

If you want just regional content though, then you might prefer to turn to a specialized provider-that’s where FastFlimz comes in. The app currently has a small library of over 150 Tamil movies,with plans to add telugu flims soon while growing the Tamil catalogue through 2016,and adding more regional languages over time.The app itself has a simple, easy to use interface that puts a lot of focus on the” superstars “of cinema .It’s a paid app,but the charges are quite low; you don’t have to commit to an entire month’s subscription,and you’re paying a mere Re. 1 per day,with support for carrier billing.

Users can subscribe to a monthly plan of Rs. 30, or they can choose to get a Rs. 10 for 10-days pack.There’s no cap on the number of films you can download or stream in this time,so you could stock up on all your favourite films for just Rs. 10.The service is truly unlimted,with no advertisements. Another feature that’s really useful is that you can pay for the subscription directly via your carrier-Fast film has tied up with Aircel, Vodafone, Airtel and Idea, covering most of the major providers.

The app itself is divided into six sections – stars, scenes, New arrivals, Showcase, Explore and My Downloads. The Stars section is,well,the star here,and showcase large posters with pictures of the actors, listing their movies, along with a link to the Scenes section which includes clips of the actors,and a ‘crackers’ rating,which is actually used for a leaderboard – so you can give crackers to your favourite actors to make them the top rated stars in FastFilmz.

Surprisingly, the audio and video quality on the mobile screen remained pretty reasonable even on a 2G network.

The Fast free Android app is free to download, and an iOS version is being developed, according to the company’s website.

How to download fastfilmz app :

You can download FastFilmz app for Android via Google Play for free.

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