Digital Marketing meaning, process and important terms gloassary

Know here What is digital marketing process, digital marketing meaning, Some important terms, glossary related to digital marketing process. Often People are confused with the term “Digital”. This article will clear your consufion. Marketing is knowing about what people want and then to develop that product or service and using some methods to reach out to our target market or audience for promotion of products and services via different communication channel. It was simple definition of marketing here we are discussing about Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing ?

When we do marketing online using digital devices like computer, tablets & mobile phones is known as digital marketing.

what is digital marketing - process and terms related to it
Digital Marketing

Why digital marketing is important for any business ?

Digital Media has become so powerful that consumers or our target customers have access to information any time and any place they want it for 2487 hours. Digital media is an ever growing source of entertainment ,news, shopping and social interaction and consumers are now exposed not just to what your company say about your brand but what the media,friends,relatives etc. are saying as well.

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Digital Marketing Process – Important terms glossary related with digital marketing

  • Visibility
  • Bringing Targeted Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Conversion
  • Measurement
  • Retention


Increase our online presence that is taking our services online and bringing targeted traffic.

So in traditional marketing if we take an example of opening a restaurant business,then we try to locate a place where of people can access the restaurant.

Same is here in digital marketing increasing the visibility by having a website,writing a blog, social media profile,video on you tube etc.

Digital Electronic Email Marketing
Digital Marketing

Bringing Targeted Traffic

Visibility result in traffic to our website,blog, fan page,landing page etc.

There are two types of traffic.

  • Inbound traffic
  • outbound traffic

Inbound traffic

Let people reach out to you i.e people search for keyword on google and if my website rank on google and visitors comes to my website.

Outbound traffic

We reach out to people for example Email Marketing. we have list and sends email and people land on the page.


Its making your visitor to do some activity on your website. Keep engaging visitors on website for more time.

For example if somebody lands on my website and he is startup and i have a advertising agency,but doesn’t have a budget and he goes away, so to engage him, we can put an an ebook related to advertising and there is a download button and he might end up entering his email.


Conversion is any type of lead after engaging the people.

There are two types of conversion

  • Micro conversion

Small activities i.e don’t show direct interest in buying your product but end up doing some activity due to engagement.

  • Macro conversion

Big activities done on our website.These activities where in they show direct investment for your product like Free Demo, Inbound call,signing up for more information from sales team.


The measurement focus on how to analyze and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of digital marketing. Measurement enable digital marketer professional to justify budgets based on returns and to drive organizational growth and innovation.


Its more than retaining the customers visit a website and do some activities and bring him back to the website. Attracting a new customer can cost five times as much as keeping an existing one, so companies need to pay as much attention to retention.

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