DCB Bank launches its own UPI app, another smart technology in product portfolio

Now Download UPI App for DCB Bank Ltd from Android Play Store. Private Sector Lender DCB Bank Ltd announced the launch of Unified Payment Interface (UPI) Application, enhancing banking experience for customers.  The DCB UPI app provides a convenient and reliable payment method to customers to send and receive money / funds anytime, anywhere from the comfort of their Android smart phones.

DCB Bank becomes one of the 21 banks that joined the UPI interface recently
DCB Bank becomes one of the 21 banks that joined the UPI interface recently

You can send and receive funds anytime, anywhere from you smart phones using DCB UPI app. It provides a convenient payment method for customers, DCB UPI user only needs the beneficiary’s phone number registered with the bank and the beneficiary bank’s name to get or send funds. 

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UPI provides a secure, hassle-free user friendly instant payment and collection digital facility. It uses customer details that are easy to remember and importantly known to everyone – the beneficiaries’ mobile phone number and the bank name.

In upcoming months, UPI will create a significant change in the way transactions are done, especially peer-to-peer transactions, known as P2P.

A very important and powerful feature of UPI is the ability to send a ‘collect’ request, which did not exist in the industry,” said Murali Natrajan, MD & CEO, DCB Bank.

About DCB Bank Ltd :

Initially founded in 1930s, in Mumbai from a series of Co-operative bank mergers with the Ismailia Co-operative Bank Limited and the Masalawala Co-operative Bank respectively. These 2 banks later merged to form Development Co-operative Bank, that changed to Development Credit Bank after it was granted the scheduled bank license by the Reserve Bank of India in May 1995. Development Credit Bank Ltd. went on to successfully offer shares to the public by an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2006. DCB Bank Limited is the new name of the Bank, changed with due regulatory approval in January 2014.

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