Cleansed play scary and violence content in London’s National Theatre – people fainting in middle

Cleansed Show in National Theatre of London – people scared of violence , torture, death scenes and leaving the show in middle. A show is going on these days in National Theatre on London’s south bank.  Some people are fainting after watching the show.  In the first week of show, five audience fainted. The name of the play is Cleansed. The show is full of graphic scenes, death scene with electric shock, torture. People get afraid and are leaving the show in middle.

Cleansed Show Play Scary and Violence Content – Causing People faint and need medical assistance in National Theatre of London

National Theatre in london
National Theatre in london

Rape and Violence Scenes in Show

Cleansed Play is going in London’s National Theatre for past one week

There are many scenes of Rape, Graphic Violence Scene, death with electric shock

Around 40 people left the show “Cleansed” in middle afraid of a tongue cut out scene.

Physical violence scene in cleansed show fainting people in london
Physical violence scene in cleansed show fainting people in london , Image Credit : Metro UK

Five audience members had to receive medical assistance after seeing incidents of tongues cut out being removed, electrocution, sexual assault and force feeding.

The show “Cleansed” was firstly performed in 1988 at Royal Court Theatre

According to theatre officials,” people were warned of the Violence scenes of physical and sexual”.

Sexual violence scene in cleansed show london national theatre
Sexual violence scene in cleansed show london national theatre, Image Credit : Metro UK

Saran Kane, writer of the Play killed herself in 1999

Saran Kane, who was the writer of play committed the suicide at age of 28 in 1999, a year after the first play of “Cleansed” in 1998.

Rape, Torture, Drug and extra Marital affairs relationship scenes are shown in the play.

The show will end on May 5 but it is on target of critics because of its scary contents.

Condition of many people who came to see the show , was deteriorated so that medical assistance was provided.

Interesting facts :

National Theatre was founded in 1963 and moved from The Old Vic in Waterloo in 1976 to its current home on the South Bank

It is publicly funded and showcases established playwrights and new writers, its hits range from Hamlet directed by Laurence Olivier and starring Peter O’Toole, to Jerry Springer the Opera to War Horse

Famously, about 100 people fainted and walked out of a Royal Shakespeare Production of Titus Andronicus at the Globe in 2014.

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