Chandrodaya Temple, world’s largest hindu temple in UP – Interesting facts

Chandrodaya , World’s Largest Hindu temple building to be constructed in Uttar Pradesh. Check Chandrodaya HD Images, Wallpapers and Pictures. Vrindavan Chandrodaya temple is being contructed in at Vrindavan, Mathura Uttar Pradesh. The temple will be world’s largest religious building with a height of    about 700 feet (213 meter) with 70 floors. ISKCON Society is constructing the Chandrodaya building in Uttar Pradesh. The temple has a footprint of about 5 acres and a built up area of 540000 sq. feet.

Interesting facts about Chandrodaya Temple, World’s tallest building

  • Antilia, private building of Mukesh Ambani has height of about 170 meter with 27 floors. So the temple will be taller than Antilia of Mukesh Ambani.
  • It will be the expensive building with a cost of around 700 crore.
  • Chandrodaya Temple is being said to be the developed form of Pyramid.
    Tallest Hindu temple worth 700 crore by ISCKON Society
    Chandrodaya Temple
  • ISKCON Society has hired American Structural Engineering Company Thornton Tomaseti for structural designing.
  • The task of construction of the temple has been assigned to ingenious studio and Quintessence Design Studio of Gurgaon.
  • It was envisaged in 2006 and foundation was laid after 8 years of preparation.
  • According to Narsimha Dass, Project director the foundation of building is dug as deep as height of Qutub Minar.
  • Temple will be 55 meter high and its base is 12 meter high. Height of Qutub minar is 73 meter.
  • The overall construction is expected to be completed in 2022.
    Wolrd tallest building in Vrindavan Mathura Up Images Pics
    Wolrd tallest building in Vrindavan Mathura Up Images Pics
  • There will around 511 pillars in building with capacity to endure 9 million ton burden.
  • The weight of Chandrodaya temple, world’s tallest building will be 5 lakh ton.
  • Chandrodaya will be the first temple to use glass extensively.
  • The Glass will not let the heat inside the temple.
  • Glass will not crack during earthquakes or hurricanes.
  • High speed lift is being prepared for temple. It will run at a speed of 8 meter per second (two floor per second).
  • In Case of lean of 1 meter because of storm, the lift will continue to be straight. Its speed and direction will not change.
  • There will be replica of 12 forests in 18 acres and artificial Yamuna will be constructed.
  • People can take the information about Lord Krishna’s pastimes doing boating..
  • People will feel like be in real forest.
  • There will be Talvan (Palm Forest), Bandivan (Banyan Tree Forest) , Brindavan (Basil Forest), Nidhivan in 12 forest.

Three Temples inside the main Chandrodaya Temple

First Temple : Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Second Temple will be of Radha Krishna and Third will be Krishna Balaram.

Chandrodaya Largest temple of World
Chandrodaya Largest temple of World

These temples will be at a height of 12 meter from the ground.

All three temples will have a capacity of 35000 visitors.

Viewing Gallery on top floor

Visitors can see the religios sites like birthplace of Krishna, Govardhan Hill with the help of telescope.

All religious groups have equal participation in construction work of temple.

Lead architect JJ Singh is from Sikh Religion.

Structural Architects of American Company are Muslim.

Designer of elevator are Muslim

Indoor Krishna Leela Park (4D show)

There will be an indoor Krishan Leela park where there will be various cultural programs, research on Indian Philosophy, library etc.

Krishan Leela Park will exhibit the pastimes of Lord Krishna in 4D manner.

Chandrodaya Temple 4D Show of Krishna Leela
Chandrodaya Temple 4D Show of Krishna Leela

They will feel getting involved Kirshna’s pastimes.

Parking Arrangements

The parking lot will have a capacity of 35 hundred vehicles.

In Antilia, only 168 cars can be parked.

There will be underground parking on 2 floors in 10 acre temple complex.

Separate parking for battery driven future cars.

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