British boys earn 12 percent more than girls ; Study by Halifax bank

According to a study by Halifax Bank UK boys earn an average 12 percent more pocket money than girls – a tenfold jump in the pay gap since last year. The report was published on friday.

On average, boys aged between 8 and 15 years old receive £6.93 ($10, 8.95 euros) per week compared to £6.16 for girls of a similar age, but are more likely (44%) than girls (39%) to think they should receive more.

The survey was conducted on 1202 children and 575 parent, the gender gap has sored from 1.2 percent last year. British children now receive £6.55 per week on average from their parents, a nine-year high and an increase of almost 6% over the last year.

Children of London on top

Children in London receive the most (£8.21), and those in East Anglia the least (£4.96).

Women in Britain on average earn 19.2%less than men, according to official statistics.British boys earn 12 percent more than girls ; Study by Halifax bank

Critics argue that using average pay and bonuses does not take into account differences in occupations, positions, education, career breaks to have children, job tenure or hours worked per week.

According to recent official figures, British women between the ages of 22 and 29 earn on average £1,111 per year more than men, but begin earning less once they hit their 30s.

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