Best low budget air cooler to buy under Rs 10000 INR

Read about best low budget air cooler to buy under 10000 INR in india for best cooling : Today many different types of air coolers from various brands with different cooling capacity, water storage are available. There are different types of coolers available in the market such as room coolers (used for bedrooms, small offices), duct coolers (used for central air cooling), jumbo coolers (used for large halls, bigger offices) etc. based on the area they cool. But the basic principle of working remains the same for all of them.

Key things to consider while buying Air Cooler :

  • Buy the best model from a trusted brand
  • Inquire about Power consumption, efficiency
  • Size of the room/how much area you need to keep cool

Choose which type of cooler you need first (evaporative coolers and portable cooler)

  • Galvanised steel body coolers have more efficiency and longevity.
  • Highly efficient as compared to Air Conditioners.
  • Look for Humidity Control feature if you are in a humid city.

Tips for better working and increasing efficieny of Air Cooler :

  1. In contrast to the myth of closing all doors and widows while using air cooling, having good ventilation will work in favor of your cooler. Keep the doors and windows open so that there is enough flow of fresh air in the room. And placing the cooler near the window will be an added advantage and will cool the room faster.
  2. In case there is foul smell coming from your cooler, it is an indication to clean it. Cleaning and maintaining your cooler will help increase its lifetime.
  3. Adding ice water or ice in coolers will lower the temperatures even further. So using ice water is a good idea on very hot days.

Shop By Top Cooler Brand

  • Maharaja
  • Symphony
  • Bajaj
  • Orient
  • Cromption

List of Best Budget Air Coolers under Rs 10000 INR

Maharaja Whiteline Rambo Desert Cooler

Maharaja whiteline Rambo Desert low budget air cooler to buy under Rs 10000 inr
Maharaja whiteline Rambo Desert cooler

Desert Coolers, hearing the name,  first picture that comes in our mind is of the window holding ordinary cooler . But Maharaja whiteline series cooler gives immense comfort and cooling. This cooler is available for Rs 8700 in the online market . Its water storage capacity is 65 liters, can cool 750 sq ft area at once. Besides, it is also provided with water level alarm .

Symphony jumbo air Cooler

These Coolers are very impressive in cooling the house. Its design is quite beautiful and a strong plastic is used. The cooling area is 400 square feet. In online market, it is priced at Rs 9,600. Its water storage capacity is 51 liters. The cooler runs on just 185 watts of power, so you also need not to think about expensive electric bill after you use it for hours.

Symphony Jumbo Low budget air cooler to buy under 10000 inr
Symphony Jumbo Low budget air cooler uner Rs 10000 INR

Kenstar wonder Cool

Wonder cooler of Kenstar is also an excellent option in king-size coolers. The cooler has 40 litres water storage capacity.. The size is 640mm x 560mm x 910mm . It can easily be fitted into house. It can cool 20 square meter size room. you can feel the air upto 35 feet away. In online market, it is priced at Rs 9630. you can use grass pad available in the market.

Orient electric snowbreeze

With elegant design and powerful cooling capacity, snowbreeze cooler of Orient Electric is best performer in its segment. There is no mess to fill it with water. The cooler comes with auto- fill system. It also comes with the cooler wheel support with which you can easily roam it inside the house.  Online market price is Rs 9625.

Orient Electric Snowbreeze Air Cooler
Orient Electric Snowbreeze Air Cooler

Bajaj sleek DC 2014

Cooler sleek jumbo size of the country’s famous company Electric Bajaj DC 2014, is perfect for all type of small or large rooms. Its cooling area 600 sq ft, but the airflow distance is 70 feet . The tank storage capacity is 54 liters . Online market price of this cooler is Rs 9489 .

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