Belarus – White Russia , Interesting facts about Belarus

Read here some interesting facts about Belarus, also known as “white Russia” is situated between Poland and Russia in eastern europe. People living over here are dependent on Russia for lot of things. People give more importance to thinking , education and principle over economy and resources. The average per capita income is only 13000 (thirteen thousand rupess).

Some Interesting Fun Facts about Belarus- White Russia

Belarus Vladmir Lenin Interestng fun facts about belarus

Lenin in each city :

Its residents are most affected by the Russian communist Vladmir Lenin. That’s why there is place named Lenin Street in every city of Belarus. And almost all cities have a statue of Lenin. The revolution during second world war is considered most important . 70 percent of Belarus monuments devoted to Vladmir Lenin, leader of world proletariat.

People hate bribes :

People are known for following rules and regulations. Noone break the rule or if people make any violation of rule they are left with light punishment. Police Officers do not take bribe. Most of the people over the age 16 have passport.

Women can not touch belt

However there is no shortage of superstitious people. There is a belt  which can not be touched by women. Only men can wear that belt. It is believed that if the belt touches the women he will be destroyed. Only one particular manufacture the belt.

15 Nobel laureates

The Belarusians have contributed substantially in education and social work. About 15 people of Russian origin has received the prestigious Nobel Prize. The physics, chemistry-related awards, peace award etc are included in it.

Some more interesting facts about Belarus-White Russia :

Belarus means White Russia.

Belarus got independence from the Soviet Union in 1990.

There is no university that provides Belarusian language course or facilitates the training.

Birch sap or birch water , directly tapped from birch tree is most famous drink of here.

Largest industries in Belarus are Agriculture and manufacturing.

Belarusian and Russian is officially spoken language.

There are around 31 banks in Belarus out of which 30 banks are owned by government and one is private.

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