Before apply for credit card – Important points to take care

Are you going to apply for credit card ? if yes , then this article is worth reading for you. here are some important points that should be take card before applying for credit card. As you know Credit Card has become an integral element of our life. It is used everywhere from Online shopping to paying bill of restaurant, petrol bill etc. Seeing the increasing demand and utility of credit card, all banks are offering credit cards to its customers.

Most of the banks levy a fixed amount as joining fee in lieu of giving you credit card. There is no wonder about that you do not much information about joining fee. You may be thinking that you can not get a credit card without giving joining fees. But it is not so, you can get the credit card without giving joining fees.

Important point to take care before applying for Credit card :

important point to take care before apply for credit card
credit card

Here we are telling you some important points to be taken care of before taking credit card of any bank.

Joining Fees for credit cards :

Usually Bank offers exemption of joining fees to attract the customers and seeing the competition from other banks. But banks do not show flexibility in terms of charging annual card fees. Customer have to pay the annual fees on use of credit card. You can ask your bank to exempt from annual fees also. If bank deny then there are other banks also which may offer expemption from annual card fees also. You can apply for credit cards in those banks and take the benefit of annual card fees exemption.

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Add on benefits offers on credit card:

If you are regular customer or consumer of any carrier company or service store then choose the co branded card or that offer the special discount or points. You will get not only credit facility but also get extra points deposited with your account. In future you can redeem these points and shop.

Some bank offers free movie tickets for free every week so keep updating yourself about these attractive add on benefits on credit cards use.

credit cards
credit cards

Points :

If you do transactions from bank’s credit cards , you get extra points. There are different methods of giving points by different banks. The provision to give point or discount on credit cards use is method used by banks to motivate the customer for using credit card. Being a customer, your main purpose is to collect points for same level of purchase or shopping. So choose the credit card which offer more and more points on less amount of purchase.

Interest Rate :

If you want to spend more or there is need of cash withdrawl then check out interest rate charged by bank on credit cards. After this, decide to take credit card. Prefer the credit card by bank which charge less interest on it. Do not trust on agents, read & understand all terms and conditions before applying for credit cards.

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