Masalaread.com will provide some good read articles on various topics related to travel, health, technology, tips and tricks, meditation,lifestyle, social etc. These articles will also be useful , knowledgable and will help you in daily life.

The website is started by Ritu Rani, a teacher by profession but blogger by interest. She hails from Amritsar, Punjab and loves to write on various issues and social topics which you will get to read here. You will find daily new articles on the website which you will enjoy reading under various categories.

She got the idea by a friend who suggested her to write her own blog and write according to topics of her interest. The name for website was suggested by one of our team members “Mr. Sunil sharma”.

Under “Travel” category on masalaread.com, you will get to read articles dedicated to travelling. You can read about best pand interesting places to visit all over the world and special features, important about these places.

Under “Health” category, you will read everything realted to your health problems and what you should do to enjoy a healthy life.

You can also read some interesting tips and tricks on technology, gadgets, mobiles, computers etc under “Tech Read” Section.

Enjoy Reading 🙂

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