7 famous and weird theaters, cinema halls of world

Read about weird, unique style famous theater of the world : Go any corner of the world, we will get to see theater (cinema hall) to watch or enjoy movies, play. Everyone know that people visit or go to cinema hall for watching movies but in this article we are talking about those theater in which along with enjoying movies, people’s comfort is also taken care of. People enjoy the movies on boat, car, bath tub, comfortable sofas.

7 Weird theaters, cinema halls of the world :

  1. Olympia Theatre (Greece) :

The theater was designed by architect stavros Christidis in 1910. In this theater, people can enjoy the movie lying on bed not sitting. The seats given are comfortable bed size on which people can lay and enjoy the movie.

  1. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, Orlando (USA) :

Chairs engaged in this theater are of size of car. You can just sit to watch the movie but also can order lunch or dinner on the seat.

Sci Fi dine in weird theater cinema hall of world
Sci Fi dine in weird theater cinema hall of world
  1. Hot Tube Cinema (London) :

This theater is famous for its unique style. Comfortable tubs are there with full of water. You can go with your family or friends. There are no restrictions on drinks also while watching movies.

Hot Tube Cinemas theater Cinema Hall of World
Hot Tube Cinemas theater Cinema Hall of World
  1. Movie Theater (Paris) :

There theater is different from other theater. It is famous for its unique sitting arrangements as there are sail boat shaped seats.  It is 3-D theater and everyone has to wear the glasses before watching movie.

  1. Electric Cinema, Notting Hill (London) :

It is one of the oldest working cinemas in the country. It is famous in the world for its beauty. It is fitted with maroon color sofas with attractive lamps in front.

Eelctric Cinema in London
Eelctric Cinema in London
  1. Newport Ultra Cinema (Newport City) :

It is based purely on 3D technology. The privacy is also taken care of along with watching movies. Couples mostly preferred this cinema.

  1. Inox Theater (Vadodara) :

The audience get to watch the movies lying on luxurious bed. Two people can see movie lying on one bed. The theater is located at Reliance Mall in Vadodara.

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